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Installment Loans for Unemployed

Being unemployed can affect an individual mentally and financially. A lot of times, a person’s unemployment status can affect his/her credit-taking ability. This can pose further problems for the individual as they need an alternative option to stay afloat. With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic being one of the major reasons why people have lost their jobs, the demand for loan options for these individuals has increased many folds. Installment loans for the unemployed can be the only option for these individuals to get some financial relief.

What are Installment Loans for Unemployed & How Do They Work?

When one is a full-time employee, a part of his/her paycheck goes towards funding something called unemployment insurance. The individuals may be eligible to receive various employment benefits when they lose their job through no fault of their own. While unemployment benefits can provide some sort of financial relief, it is not enough to cover the daily expenses of an otherwise expensive market environment.

There are however certain lenders that offer installment loans for the unemployed. These online loans are any other installment loan plan with some major differences. As the credit requirements for these loans are less compared to other lenders, it provides more opportunities for credit-challenged individuals to gain a fair chance at financial relief. Applications for such loans are usually filled online, with lenders usually requiring positive ID proof and some other personal information. Loans for the unemployed are like most no-credit loans that one would find on the market. They have more in common with payday loans with high-interest rates, fees and usually do not require any collateral.

One can find numerous types of lenders and brokers when they search for unemployment loans. However, the most favorable loan terms can be provided only by a suitable broker. Unemployed individuals can explore some of the options they have by taking a look at some of the examples explained in brief below.

Examples of Installment Loans for Unemployed

Long-term installment loans for the unemployed can take many forms with few minor differences between each of the products. Some of the examples are listed below.

Long term installment loans for unemployed

Because of the recent pandemic, the United States is in a bit of a credit crunch which was followed by an extended period of rising household indebtedness, especially among the lower-income strata. The impact of this crisis has been further exasperated by rising restrictions to credit access, unemployment rates rising, and the rise in the cost of living.

Because of no faults of their own, these lower-income households which may contain one or more unemployed members have most of the credit score of the members decreased. This disqualifies many individuals from taking loans from financial institutions such as banks. Luckily for them, there is a growing class of brokers and lenders that are willing to offer long-term installment plans for the unemployed.

Tribal installment loans direct lenders no credit check for unemployed

Native American tribes have started entering the online space by offering a new class of consumer lending known as tribal loans. Some Native American tribes have started entering the consumer lending space in the last three decades, who claim themselves to be outside state regulators.  They cite sovereign immunity as a reason, which precludes any tribally run business from state regulations in the United States.

The problem with such lenders is that they often employ unscrupulous and predatory methods when it comes to getting back the loan amount from individuals. This can put psychological pressure on the borrower and the lender can even drag the borrower to court in the most extreme circumstances. This is why it’s better to choose brokers who can offer more options when it comes to installment loans with low credit requirements.

Legit Installment loans for unemployed borrowers

There has been growing concern among the consumer lending community about the legitimacy of certain entities that are masquerading as legitimate payday or bad credit lenders in the market. There are others that practice predatory methods that can put certain households into further financial disarray.

Fortunately, there are many brokers that offer access to reliable lenders such as Heartpaydays. At Heart Paydays, borrowers have access to different lenders with loan options that they wouldn’t find with an individual lender.

Features of Instant Loans For Unemployed

Compared to normal installment loans, installment loans for the unemployed usually have lower credit requirements and higher interest rates. Here are some of the salient features of loans for the unemployed with bad credit.

  • Specific loan amounts

Bad credit loans are usually taken out at small amounts at a time. It is also generally advised for borrowers not to apply for multiple loans at a time because of the huge interest fees involved. The loan amount is pre-determined and is communicated to the applicant before the duration of the loan starts.

  • Tenure

Installment loans for bad credit usually come with pre-agreed repayment terms which cannot be changed once the loan has been taken. The borrower typically has to pay back a certain amount every month till the loan is repaid in full.  The tenures of these loans can vary between a few weeks to one year. Certain lenders allow their borrowers to pack back the loan amount before the stipulated time period.

  • Higher interest rates

The annual percentage rate or APR is used as a metric to evaluate how much money one is giving to the lender for the loan operation. Compared to traditional sources, this number is pretty high for bad credit loans. This happens due to the lenders offsetting some of the risks they are taking in when providing these loans. APRs can range from 5% to almost 50% in some cases.

  • Quick Approval

One of the major reasons why people gravitate towards these types of loans is the ease of availability. Bad credit lenders have applications forms that can be completed online in a couple of minutes. Choosing a broker like Heartpaydays makes this process even simpler as it eliminates the time taken for finding and applying with individual brokers.

  • Low credit history requirements

Credit history and credit score are two important metrics when it comes to judging one’s creditworthiness in the United States. Families from lower-income households and especially those who are unemployed find it harder to qualify for loans from existing institutions. Online lenders for bad credit have thus emerged to fill this gap, providing a significant percentage of the population with financial relief under a regulated framework.

Charges and Penalties for Installment Loans for Unemployed

The charges associated with installment loans for the unemployed can vary from lender to lender. One can get an idea about how expensive a loan can be by looking at the APR rates offered by these lenders and comparing them side by side. The APR takes into account the interest to be paid as well as any associated costs for processing and executing.

There are a host of other expenses that individuals may encounter while taking out loans for unemployment. This includes application processing fees and loan origination fees. Late payment fees can also be levied on some loans schemes, which will be clearly stated in the agreement. At Heart Paydays, one can apply for loans with APRs ranging from 5.99% to 35.99%.

Eligibility Criteria for the Installment Loans for Unemployed in the USA

In general, individuals can find one of the best credit friendly conditions in the United States. However, granting of personal loans involve a lot of federal and state laws. Normally, banks and other financial institutions use a person’s credit score and credit history as the main metrics for evaluating one’s creditworthiness. However, these institutions have high requirements when it comes to credit which invariably disqualifies a substantial part of the population from accessing loans.

For individuals especially those who are unemployed and belong to a low-income household, the problem of accessing credit is a big one, especially if they have bills to pay that cannot be delayed anymore. The only option for these individuals is to look at alternative sources of accessing credit such as 1 hour loans no employment verification.

Bad credit loans for the unemployed have credit requirements that are much less compared to traditional banks, allowing a significant part of the population to get some short-term financial relief. The eligibility criteria for these loans are usually relaxed and less rigid, with most brokers and lenders operating online.

To get a better picture of the eligibility criteria, we will now look at the ones stated in This broker simply requires its borrowers to meet the following criteria.

  • The borrower should be a valid United States citizen and holder of a bank account in the country.
  • He/she must provide a valid email address and phone number when asked.
  • He/she should be at least 18 years of age to apply for the loans.

Relaxed and less rigid eligibility criteria like that of allows more people to access loans with their preferred terms and conditions.

How to Apply Loans for Installment Loans for Unemployed in Quick Steps

Different lenders have different forms and methodologies when it comes to applying for a loan.  The first thing one has to do is to decide whether they will go for a broker or a lender when looking for a loan. Because of the growth of internet connectivity as well as the importance of online businesses, many lenders have come up with simple, step-by-step processes to sign up. Using an online broker or lender also saves the borrower a lot of time and effort that would otherwise be used to visit physical offices and other institutions. A typical signing up process for a loan can be explained by taking the example of

The 4-step sign-up process at is as follows.

  1. Deciding on the loan amount

Choose your loan amount

As mentioned before, borrowers should make their mind up about the amount they will request before they actually apply for a loan.  It’s common for individuals who are already under financial stress to make further bad decisions regarding their money. Applying for multiple loans at once is also not preferred because of the high-interest rates involved. At this broker, one can apply for loan amounts up to $5000.

  1. Finishing the loan application form

The loan application is simple and to the point, with the borrower required to provide some basic identification information about him/her.  These forms have been designed so that it takes a matter of minutes. They simply require the borrower to enter their desired amount and select their desired loan repayment plan.

  1. Waiting for the decision

The broker takes some time after the applicant has submitted his/her application. This is the time taken for performing the various checks that lenders under the broker’s network will carry out. It is important to know that itself does not carry out any credit checks as its main aim is to connect its clients to suitable lenders. The lenders in the network however may access the applicant’s information and use third-party credit checking institutions before they grant the loan. However, the requirements for getting a loan granted are much less.

  1. Approval informs the borrower of the success of their loan application once it has been approved. The time taken depends on the policies of the lender as well as the bank of the borrower. It can take anywhere from one to 5 days for the amount to reach the borrower’s bank account.

How to find the best Installment Loans for Unemployed rates in the USA?

Thanks to increased global connectivity and the rise of the internet, almost all lenders have an online presence. A simple search on Google’s search engine will deliver hundreds and thousands of results. The market however is difficult to navigate through because of the presence of some unethical lenders. These lenders may practice predatory lending which entice lower income individuals into a debt trap.

While many borrowers prefer taking a loan directly from a lender because of a prior working relationship, they can miss out on the best loan rates. Making multiple inquiries with different lenders is also time-consuming and not worth the risk. This is why it makes more sense for borrowers to select brokers rather than lenders for bad credit loans. Here are some of the advantages of choosing a broker like

  • Better terms and conditions

One of the most important reasons to go for brokers when hunting for loans is to get better terms and conditions. Bad credit loans normally carry more interest rates and fees compared to normal loan products. Thus borrowers should always search for the best deals they can get and the best way to do it is via a broker. For instance, works with several lenders which increases the chances for applicants getting a better loan deal.

  • Avoiding the hassle and other brokers work with an expanding network of lenders. Some of these lenders may exclusively work with brokers and cannot be applied individually.  Brokers sometimes provide information on lenders which would otherwise not be discovered by the casual loan applicant. This can also prevent them from signing up unscrupulous lenders which charge high fees and practice predatory lending.

  • Success rate

People under financial stress do not have the time to seek out and apply with lenders individually. They need an option where the loan is guaranteed so that they can budget properly. Brokers such as offer the most chances of a loan being granted. This is due to the number of lenders it works with as well as its streamlined application process.


People can find themselves plunged into financial distress due to a variety of reasons, some not even their own fault. With the recent flurry of lockdowns and restrictions applied due to the pandemic, many businesses have slashed down their staff, resulting in a growing number of unemployed citizens. A lot of time these individuals have bills to pay and they struggle to make ends meet. Online brokers and lenders for bad credit offer a way out for these individuals. These financial products are specifically designed to provide financial relief to people in circumstances discussed above. As with every market, this is also filled with unethical lenders. Thus it is wise for a borrower to sign up with a broker such as to make sure they’re getting a loan from a legitimate, reliable source.


Can I borrow money if I am unemployed?

The recent COVID pandemic has put a financial strain on many individuals and families who have lost almost everything. They have either been laid off or furloughed but still have some expenses that they cannot avoid. Bad credit loans for the unemployed are the only option left for these individuals.

A normal unemployed person will also find it difficult to get a loan accepted by financial institutions and traditional banks. Luckily for them, a growing class of online brokers and lenders has started providing loan products for the unemployed and those with low credit scores. These loans provide much-needed relief to individuals who struggle to pay daily and monthly expenses related to food, housing, and utilities.

How can i get money now with no job?

There are several ways to get access to a line of credit when one is unemployed. Online lenders for the unemployed offer specific loan products suited for such individuals. Alternatively, there are a growing number of brokers that can provide them with different options when it comes to loan deals.

Where can i get a loan while unemployed?

There are a number of available channels for accessing credit for individuals struggling with employment. Some lenders provide legitimate products that provide financial relief to the applicant. However, there are others who are not so honest and can carry out predatory loan tactics.

To avoid such problems, individuals can simply signup with a lending broker such as The broker provides financial relief to those who need it by connecting them with the most reliable and suitable online lenders available. This also increases one’s chances of getting the right amount at the right time with the right terms and repayment conditions.

Can I get a loan with no job or income?

Individuals who are unemployed often find it hard to get access to loans from traditional institutions. These institutions often require complex paperwork from the applicant’s end and look for anything that can be classified as income for the individual. This can include unemployment benefits, disability payments, child support, investments like annuities, social security, rental income, pension, alimony, inheritance, and others.

Many individuals simply do not have the time to produce their proof of income and need access to the funds within a short period. For them, online brokers such as are a practical solution.  Loans are typically granted within one to five days from the day of applying.

Can I get a personal loan if my salary is $10,000?

A person earning $10000 per month is eligible for a personal loan from a variety of sources. The best places to apply are with brokers as they give the best options available for credit-worthy individuals.

When it comes to getting a loan for the unemployed, how important is my credit score?

Credit bureaus and card issuers do not have any information on an individual’s change in salary or income unless they are given explicit permission by the individual. While filing for unemployment does not directly hurt one’s credit score, it can lead to scenarios like overspending. If borrowers keep applying for multiple loans, the credit utilization would increase which would label these individuals as high risk to lenders.

Traditional banks may ask for information such as any other source of income from the individual while applying for a loan. However, the requirement for online lenders is much less, as they deal with less credit-worthy individuals. The chances of getting a loan also increase many folds, which provides much-needed assistance to people trapped in a sticky financial situation.